Being a cyclo-cassic event, the bicycles need to represent some of the decades between 19th century and 1980 (included).

As a general rule, your bicycle must be made of steel frame (no alu, no carbon) and in the case it has gears, the levers need to be located on the frame. Brake cable routing were usually not hidden underneath the handlebar tape or inside the frame tubes.

An attire according to the era of the bicycle dresses much more and helps to recreate a more real and nostalgic atmosphere. In case of any doubt about your bicycle you can always contact us at email and we will give you our opinion.

Participating in LA MONEGRINA means that you agree and assume:

  • Participating under your own responsability
  • La Monegrina is not a competition, just a march to celebrate classic cycling
  • A good behaviour before, during and after the event in Torralba de Aragon and along the track.
  • You are in a good fitness and wealth condition for cycling,guaranteeing to avoid any type of request or claim of any type of indemnity to the organization of the event for the damages that you can suffer as a result of your participation in the event
  • You give the organizators of La Monegrina the right to take pictures of the event and yourself and use them for any promotional purpose, as well as give them to other partners for their own use.
  • The organization is not responsible of any damages or accidents occurred to the participants, persons or things before, during and after the event.


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