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Spirgrips Innergrip ergonomic MTB


Especially during longer rides, the MTB Inerbarends offer a relaxing alternative grip position and provide thus relief for palms and joints stressed from a monotonous grip position. With wide handlebars especially, the inner bar ends can be used to ride in a relaxed sitting posture. When riding, you will vary the position of your hands on the handlebar frequently to modify unpleasant pressure at the ball of the hand and the shoulder.

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· Material: Carbon with nylong fiber composite

· Ergonomic design

· For installation on the inner bar ends

· Pleasant feeling in the grip position

· Position with direct reach of the brake levers

· Suitable for a handlebar Ø of 22,2 mm(MTB) and 31.8mm (Road/Gravel)

· No add-on parts have to be removed

· For handlebar Ø 22,2 mm or 31.8mm

· Offer an alternative grip position

· Also suitable for MTB racing use

· Insert and screws made of stainless steel

· Dimensions: approx. 98 x 45 x 42 mm(MTB)

· Weight: approx. 80g(pair)


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