We restore any bicycle, no matter how old it is!

We recover the initial state of your bike with it´s original components but if this is not possible we replace them for other contemporary pieces or even modern parts to make sure that everything fits perfectly.

One of our principles is the mutual trust between ourselves and the customer. That´s why before each job we make a closed budget according to the client’s needs, choices and tastes.

Just drop by with your old bicycle or send us some pictures to info@ciclofactoria.com so that we can make a preliminary assessment.

What do we mean when we say restoration?

Like many other professionals, we understand a restoration as the arrangement of an old or damaged bicycle, with respect to the original character and dressing it with components of it´s time. To achieve this goal we usually have to restore the original parts since it is difficult and expensive to find them new or second hand today. We always do our work in house with special attention to detail.

On the other hand, based on the tastes and needs of each client, we can include new or used components and accessories of all shapes, materials and colors of modern production in our restoration to make your bike as good as it was the day it left the factory… or maybe better!

Our restoration work processes may include:

  • complete disassembly and reassembly of the bicycle
  • deep cleaning of the frame and components
  • stripping old paint
  • new paint
  • chroming
  • reproduction of original stickers
  • frame and part polishing
  • repairing original broken components (when possible)
  • replacing original parts for new ones
  • wheel building

How much can a restoration cost?

The cheapest rate would be around 250€. This includes complete disassembly and reassembly of the bicycle, deep cleaning of the frame, fork and components, lubrication of all bearings, and replacement of tubes, wires and brake pads. From there on, the price varies depending on the needs of the each bicycle or the character that you want to give to it. Before each restoration, we agree on a budget with the customer.

Every bicycle and cyclist is unique, so if you are thinking about restoring yours, it’s best to send us an email with photos of the bike with any doubts or suggestions you may have. We will contact you and arrange an appointment in our workshop so we can study and evaluate the best options while taking into account your tastes, the use you are going to give to the bike, and the budget you have.

You can ask for an appointment by calling 876 014 992 or sending an email to info@ciclofactoria.com

An example of our restoration works

Old Super BH from Armando Bello. It included some chroming of steel components, frame lacquering and complete refurbishing.

Macario-Zeus for the Eroica Hispania 2015. New paint, new stickers and research and assembling of Zeus components to

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