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For more than three years, when we created Ciclofactoría, we are dedicated to the restoration and recycling of all types of bicycles. We strive to repair any bicycle and not leave anyone without their ideal means of transport.

We get many rickety bicycles whose owners do not use, and had forgotten in a barn or balcony, for years, even decades. On this basis, it was a matter of time to create our own brand based on the recovery of bicycles, giving them a second life so they can continue to be enjoyed by new owners, giving them the use they deserve.

This is how Bicicletas Palmira was born, a brand of urban bicycles that strives to create the least possible environmental impact, creating new bicycles from bicycles that are abandoned. We rescue the skeleton of the bicycles that arrive to us and we recondition and paint it as new. All the parts we obtain are stored to repair other bicycles. Palmira bikes are assembled with new components, creating the perfect combination between the design and taste of old bicycles and the reliability and comfort of today’s quality components.

Each Palmira is unique, not having two equal, because all depart from old bicycles that were forgotten or abandoned. They are assembled with care and detail, a process away from the mass production chains, with the guarantee that our experience in the sector offers.

We are nourished by donations of disused bicycles that we receive from people. Our way of thanking this gesture is donating 25% of the profits to the fight against Alzheimer’s through AFEDAZ, a disease that directly and indirectly affects 50% of society.

Visit our website and discover all the diferent models of Bicicletas Palmira.

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